Comeback KC

Test. Track. Triumph.

Kansas City never quits. No matter the odds we always find a way to come together and overcome. Today is no different. Let's bring KC back the right way — safely and responsibly — to ensure that we come back better and stronger than ever.


With enough testing, we can understand the full extent of the pandemic in our region. That's why we are making more test kits available than ever before.


Through apps built with your privacy in mind, our contact tracing team can help those sick with COVID-19 identify those they may have affected so they can be tested, too.


If we test and track, we can make sure that only sick people have to self-isolate. We can ease social distancing restrictions and help Kansas City come back better than before.

Fight COVID-19 With Your Phone

Safe. Secure. Private. COVID Safe Paths, a free app, lets you see where you’ve been and alerts you if you've been exposed to COVID-19.

  • Find out if you’ve been exposed
  • Privately log your location
  • Completely control your data

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Learn more about the COVID Safe Paths app

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Get Started

Find out about testing options and other initiatives in your area through your local health department.

And, if you are feeling sick, call your healthcare provider first.

Local Health Departments

Cass County
Clay County
Jackson County
Johnson County
Leavenworth County
Miami County
Platte County
Wyandotte County

Health Inequities

The COVID-19 pandemic has not impacted all communities in our region equally. The Black, Latino/Hispanic and Native communities have shouldered an undue burden in these challenging times. Comeback KC is committed to providing testing, tracking, and support resources to the communities that need them the most. As we reopen and rebuild our economy, we can't just go back to normal, we have to take this opportunity to build a better, fairer Kansas City.

  • About 44% of KCMO's COVID-19 cases are Black, but the Black population makes up just 30% of the population
  • In Wyandotte County, Black people represent 53% of the COVID-19 deaths but just 23% of the population
  • Nationally, Black and Latino/Hispanic populations are dying at higher rates than their white neighbors
  • The Navajo Nation alone has experienced the 3rd highest infection rate outside of New York and New Jersey

Stay Informed

We’re just getting started. This site will be updated frequently with new info. Subscribe to our email list for updates about testing availability, screening tools, and opportunities to fight COVID-19.

KC COVID-19 Information

For more information on the impact of COVID-19 in the Kansas City region, check out MARC's KC COVID dashboard.


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In Coordination With These Area Health Departments

KCMO Public HealthJackson County Health DepartmentWyandotte County Public HealthJohnson County Health and EnvironmentPlatte County Health Department

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