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In the News - Safer 4th of July

KCUR has the story on our recommendations for a safer 4th of July celebration. Check it out [here](https://www.kcur.org/health/2020-06-29/celebrating-the-fourth-of-july-in-kansas-city-during-coronavirus-pandemic-is-doable-here-are-some-tips-to-stay-safe?fbclid=IwAR1nzahwzF7E045Db8ez0MKKNow0a1i1d92nLi3Ws8Arv7-C5DyEpX6ZuRw).


NEWS RELEASE - Safer 4th of July

As Kansas Citians throughout the metro area prepare to celebrate the 4th of July weekend, the community leaders at Comeback KC are offering common sense guidelines to prevent the spread COVID-19.


KC Masks We Love

If your mask game is meh, we've got you.


8 Tips for Safer Socializing

What's more fun than a Lake of the Ozarks pool party? Not quarantining for 2 weeks.


Comeback KC in The Pitch

Read about the launch of Comeback KC in The Pitch.


Health Inequities in KC

COVID-19 is exposing health inequities in Kansas City. The virus is effecting all of us, but it is not effecting all of us equally.


KC Guide to COVID-19 Comeback

Check out our field guide to the new normal(ish).


Fun Friday: Virtual Mask Party

Show your support for mask-wearing this Friday with our Instagram story filter.


NEWS RELEASE - Comeback KC Launches

5/14/2020 - Kansas City, Mo. -- As a nearly two-month shelter-in-place order starts to lift, Kansas Citians are beginning to venture out again. As a community with multiple states, counties and municipalities, we know that we have to create a single source of public information about how to reopen the city amid a still clear and present risk from COVID-19.


Comeback KC In The News

Comeback KC earned a mention in the KC Star today. Check out the story by reporter Lisa Gutierrez.


Resources Page Added

We've compiled all the area reopening plans and put them in one convenient page, so you can find guidance about how each jurisdiction in the Kansas City region is handling reopening.


Create The Comeback

For Kansas City to make a healthy, safe comeback from COVID-19, it will take all of us working together. That's why Comeback KC is making our creative kit available for free reuse.